Nuvo Grill Informercial

The NUVO Grill.

A new angle on grilling

Place The NUVO Grill on top of your gas, charcoal or wood grill for temperature, sear and flare-up control. 

Drain fat away and avoid unhealthy charring as you grill up perfect, flavorful steaks, seafood, vegetables, and more - every time. Keep your main grill clean and wipe down with just a paper towel.

Better flavor - by limiting the contact of the food with the combustion residues of the traditional grill eliminating all the nasty chemicals out of the process and avoiding the charring of your food.

Better control - the NUVO grill cooks the food evenly irrespective of the width of the steak given the amount of mass it has it cooks both through convection and radiation heat transfer in all open flame grills.

Better for you - given that the food is never in contact with all the chemicals, the fat drains away and does not produce flareups which can harm you or burn you and the results is a much better looking and tasting meal the NUVO grill is a revolutionary way to grill!

Better get one today

The NUVO Grill. A new angle on grilling

Santiago Vitagliano