Preheat NUVO Grill on your own grill. Placed prepared food on top of the grates. Cook to your preferred taste, usually turning food only once on the grate when you see the juices permeating on the side not touching the grate. Enjoy!

Take care when using metal utensils, as misuse can cause scratching.

Do not place the NUVO Grill on stovetop burners or any direct heat source contacting the back surface, always allowing a minimum gap between NUVO Grill and the heat source of not less than 6 ½ cm or 2 ½ inches. The NUVO Grill has been design to either sit on top of existing OEM grates (for shallow tray version) or replace some OEM grates depending on the size of the existing BBQ or grill being used (for deep tray version). Always allow a reasonable amount of space between the heat sources and the NUVO Grill. If utilizing a combustible heat source, ensure that proper ventilation is maintained at all times. Do not use abrasive scrubbers or wire brush for cleaning. Please see cleaning instructions for more details.


WARNING: The NUVO Grill will become hot when in use. ALWAYS use heat-safe gloves or mitts while cooking or handling. Use at your own risk. NUVO Grill will not be responsible for any self-inflicting injury for the use of this product. By utilizing this product, you accept holding NUVO Grill and any of their affiliated entities harmless against any claims or liability with respect to any injury sustained by you or anyone utilizing the NUVO Grill under your supervision. NUVO Grill models weight between 7.5 kg or 17 lbs – 9 kg or 20 lbs. Please ensure you can lift this weight without risking injury.  Do not let children or any person with a significant disability which may impair their capacity to operate the NUVO Grill come close to the grill at all times, otherwise serious risk of injury may exist.

Consuming undercooked meats can pose a potential health hazard, please follow FDA food temperature guidelines.



Before first use, wash the NUVO Grill in hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. For most day-to-day cleaning, cool the NUVO Grill for a few minutes then wash and dry as above.

The nonstick coated NUVO Grill may be washed in the dishwasher. Please allow the full dishwasher cycle to complete. NEVER leave the NUVO Grill fully immersed in water or exposed to the elements. For removal of stubborn residues, allow the NUVO Grill to cool, fill a basin with warm soapy water and allow it to soak for 10-20 minutes.

For nonstick coated NUVO Grill:  Wash using a plastic brush or soft scrubbing pad. NEVER use an abrasive or metal scrubber on the nonstick coated surface or you will VOID THE GUARANTEE.

For raw cast iron NUVO Grill:  simply hand wash, dry and rub with cooking oil after each use across all surfaces to avoid oxidation.